Pork meat loaf is the quintessence of the Vietnamese cuisine


Pork meat loaf is the quintessence of the Vietnamese cuisine. Is there any ethnic group in the world that can process pork, beef into dishes that are characteristic, rich and crispy, like Vietnamese?

Pork meat loaf

Pork meat loaf usually appear through the thick bread rolls, through the carts to sell bread … to the appearance in big feast or the special gift that people give each other in Tet holiday. No one knows how long the pork mear loaf appears, just know it has been so familiar in our lives for a long time. According to artisan Tran Thi Hien Minh, a delicious pork meat loaf must be made from hot pork to be finely chopped with seasoning, smoothly wrapped in fresh banana leaves and tied with wire strips. Absolutely not the kind of package with nilong or tie wire from the current as well. As the name of it, it has a sweet taste but very strong, soft as silk, fragrant smell of fish sauce, pepper, but has a brittle crunch, eat like mouth do not want to stop

Deep-fried cinnamon

If anyone is the North,certainly never forget the taste of Deep-fried cinnamon. A light, seductive cinnamon scent in sweet chili sauce, just crispy and smooth. It is a harmonious, delicate combination between Vietnamese sausage and cinnamon. Past and present, this dish is still served with hot rolls, sticky rice or rolls.

Beef sausage with herbs

A special dish for the people who love beef sausage with herbs. Beef sausage with herbs is a type of fried, fried in hot beef with spices and indispensable. Do you know that beef sausage with herbs has caused many people love, how many people have to go everywhere can not forget its flavor but remember about home. This dish is derived from the North, there is pink color, incense is thin, dark gold rim of fried oil.

Chả chiên

Các hàng Bánh ướt, bánh cuốn luôn bày bán loại chả này vì thưởng thức bánh ướt hay bánh bánh cuốn mà thiếu chả chiên thì đã giảm đi mấy phần ngon rồi không nào! Cũng giống như các dòng giò chả khác, để làm ra một đòn chả tốn rất nhiều công và thời gian. Sau khi xay mịn các nguyên liệu phải bó thành cây hấp rồi mới chiên lại qua dầu nóng tới khi vỏ có màu vàng tươi.

Fried pork pattie
The Steamed thin rice pancake, the flour sheet always sold this type of rolls because of enjoying it that lack of fried pork pattie has reduced some of the delicious. Like the other sausages, to make a lot of effort and time. After grinding the ingredients must bundle into steamed rice and then fry it through hot oil until the shell is bright yellow.

Cured Pork w/Ear & Snouts 

When we remind cured Pork w/Ear & Snouts, we remembered the traditional New Year. Remember the childhood days when a small village use a pig together, everybody fun, busy bundle spring in the spring. The cured Pork w/Ear & Snouts are made from pork meat and have a special spicy and peppery taste from the pepper, the crisps are just nice and crispy, with melon or salt onions will never forget. Not forgetting it not only because it is so delicious but also because of the cozy feeling of family together in the most sacred time in a year.

Hue’s pork meat loaf
Hue has a separate food store as well as the sophistication of the former capital city of Vietnam. Hue ‘s pork meat loaf is also very different, small and be wrapped in banana leaves and importantly always in bunches. Inside the banana leaf is a light aroma, a sweet bar, a smooth white, when eaten brittle crispy. Hue’s people often eat this dish in their popular beef rice noodles

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