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Rice Noodle With Beef

Phở bò
Rice Noodle With Beef

UPC : 091361014225

Case Package : 6 x 5oz

014270BANH CANH GIO HEO [Udon With Pork (6x5oz/case)]
015307CHAO GA [Porridge With Chicken (6x5oz/case)]
015321CHAO SEAFOOD [Porridge WithSeafood & Pork (6x5oz/case)]
015314CHAO THIT BAM [Porridge With Pork (6x5oz/case)]
015338HU TIEU THIT BAM [Ground Pork Rice Noodle (6x5oz/case)]
014317MI HEO [Fu Chang Pork & Noodle (6x5oz/case)]
014362MI GA [Fu Chang Chicken & Noodle (6x5oz/case)]
014553MI HAI SAN [FC Seafood CoBo & Noodle (6x5oz/case)]
017790MI BO KHONG CAY [FC-Beef Meat & Noodle (6x5oz/case)]
017806MI BO CAY [FC-Beef Meat & Noodle Hot (6x5oz/case)]
014287MIEN GA [Vermicelli Chicken (6x5oz/case)]
014263MIEN LAU THAI [Vermicelli Thai Seafood (6x5oz/case)]
015291MIEN THIT BAM [Vermicelli w/Pork (6x5oz/case)]
014218PHO GA [Rice Noodle With Chicken (6x5oz/case)]
014225PHO BO [Rice Noodle With Beef (6x5oz/case)]